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Jewellery Parties 6 to 12 Years

We have over 50,000 beads for the girls to choose from

We take the stress out of girls parties so book now

All the girls gets a string of hair beads in their hair

Looking for a stress free & enjoyable party then look no further!

All the Party Diva’s will have a fabulous time while creating beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Included in the party is Hair Beading & Party Games

Jewellery Parties

     Ages from  6 to 8 years

All the Party Diva’s get to make Memory Wire Bracelets, Necklaces & Clip on Pendants.

The Party Diva’s can copy the samples or create their own individual works of art.

These parties are lovely, calm & entertaining as the girls chatter while making their individual pieces of jewellery!

Jewellery Parties

    Ages from 9 to 12 years